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December 2004
   The air is mild. The sun adds light for a few hours a day. But the darkness comes early and then it's nice to be indoors with a fire going in the fireplace. We expect open water for Christmas and some guests have dared to defy the weather and booked a cabin for the New Year in the archipelago.

November 2004
   The evening is dark. We walk with the flashlight in hand on the path to the schoolhouse. The stars are out and outside the school a row of candles lit up the last distance. It's time for dinner consisting of game, a nice tradition and the mulled wine is heated. 40 persons are noisy in the school room where the tables are laid. On the tables there are venison steaks and stews and the last marigolds shines like suns.

October 2004
   The ocean is calm today and we slowly chuff out to recover the fishing nets. Fog lingers among the pine trees but along the sea the visibility is clear. The ocean heaves gently east, rumbling from old remaining swellings. You feel slightly privileged to be able to spend time in the archipelago autumn days like these and with some excitement we pull up 3 pikes and 4 perches, no salmon but the biggest perch is magnificent.

September 2004
   Just think how the weather changes this time of the year, one day rain and wind so you'll need a sou'wester and try to remember where you put the gloves last spring. The next day it's calm and sunshine. it's delightful to crawl down in shelter from the wind behind a rock. Just as nice as sitting on a sheltered veranda. Now it's silent in the archipelago!

August 2004
   Wonderful warm days give pleasent memories to save for a rainy day. Water temperatures of 22 degrees is quite allright for a cooling swim and then it's nice and cosy to lie on a sun warmed flat rock and hear the waves slowly rolling over the shore. Conferance guests have really managed to pick some nice days.

July 2004
   July started out rainy. The new archipelago line has still become a desired way to get out on the sea. Harstena sounds of hammer strokes and material transports traffic use the village road, kind of a rare phenomenon during the summer.

June 2004
   The sea always involves us. A look towards the horizon and the sky can determine whether you take the boat to a small island exploring, perhaps to find a small bay for fishing, or walk barefoot on a rock and listen to the motion of the water against the flat rock and dip your toes in the cooling water. The light is intense and time loses its meaning for a while.

May 2004
   Svalorna kom 1:a maj i år och då var sädesärlor redan här. Slånbär och körsbär blommar med vita skyar bland bergknallarna och i backarna syns Adam och Eva, styvmorsviol och mandelblom. Det luktar tjära i hamnen, sköten är bärgad och jag går hem och steker en panna strömming.

April 2004
   The swallows came may 1st this year and by then wagtails had already arrived. Sloe and cherry blooms with white skies among the buttes and in the slopes you can see elder-flowered orchids and wild pansies The harbour smells of tar, the herring drift-nets have been recovered and I walk home frying a pan of Baltic herring.

March 2004
   The snow has melted, the sun is warm in shelter but there's a draft from the sea. I walk on the rocks on the outer island and see close to 500 birds not far from land, mostly tufted ducks and common goldeneyes. I move slowly sheltered by juniper shrubs trying to get close to the birds. They splash and dive and swim around making loud sounds. A few goosanders are fishing closer to shore but they have spotted me and swim away towards the sea from where the first long-tailed ducks can be heard, a true sign of spring.

February 2004
   Harstena has retired to its winter quarters and the village remains quiet waiting for spring. Transportation is more difficult even if the water is open on the outer island. The ocean throws cascades of water over the flat rocks. The inner archipelago is icebound.

January 2004
   On New Year's Day we made a nice outing by boat to Birkskär. On the sunny side we anchored by the hills, lit a fire and grilled hot-dogs with snacks and mulled wine. The sun was reflected in the calm water and the experience was strong sitting there well-dressed remembering the warm water of the summer. A lovely start to the New Year.

Kind regards Gunni Lindkvist


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