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December 1999
   The autumn storms have started to tug the moorings of the boats still at the landing stages. Elof is fishing for salmon and is happy with the results. Several nice pieces have been gutted and are resting on the floor of the boathouse, headed for the freezer room. The days are short and it's best to have the flashlight loaded if the wood for the fireplace runs out, it's really dark outside the house.

November 1999
   Bare trees and gale warning, the autumn is here. I walk along the beach and watch the sharp lines of the rocks, the round stones of granit, the ocean is rumbling. It's autumn but the winds are still mild. The hunt for seabirds has started and has resulted in both common goldeneyes and long-tailed ducks.

October 1999
   The summer of 1999 will go to the history as one of the nicest and longest for a very long time and during September several new record temperatures were recorded. Despite this, autumn is starting to be noticable. The trees have yellow leaves and the flounders have started to gain weight for the comming cold season.

September 1999
   The pleasant weather seems to last well into september. The sea is still warm and the summer lingers on in the archipelago. In the harbour silence reigns with only a few boats at night. The restaurant Loftet has closed for the season and instead we are arranging conferances, one after another during all of September.

August 1999
   Because of the pleasant summer weather with no more than two or three rain showers during the entire summer the island is now already starting to look like autumn with yellow leaves and brown grass. Most of the people have returned to school and work and the archipelago is calm again.

June 1999
   The days are nice in the archipelago and there are many boats in Harstena's harbour. A few swimmers can be seen, it is warm in the sun on the rocks but the water is rather chilly. In the harbour the swan family with seven young ones are swimming around and on a nearby island the two almost fully grown young white-tailed eagles are ready to leave the nest.

June 1999
   The first month of the summer is here but it will be a few more weeks before you can swim in the ocean. Every passing weekend brings more white sails in the bays. On Harstena we are finishing a new rentable house which will be completed after Midsummer.

May 1999
   Now the slopes are green and the lesser celandines are like a yellow carpet over the village. Bluebells, wood anemones and cowslips can be found on the grounds. The seabirds can be heard flying around the rocky islets, one of nature's sceneries. Elof has caught Baltic herring to smoke for the first time this year. What a great time!

April 1999
   The seabirds have arrived and are preparing the breeding. The well-known sounds from alfågel and ejder can be heard from the sea. Cormorants, herons and goosanders are fishing in suitable waters. Elof too is fishing after the short break of the winter. Tip! Book autumn's conferance now, or why not a few spring days to experience nature.

March 1999
   Spring is comming. The ice has broken and the nights are getting brighter. For those of you planning to rent a cabin on the island this summer it's high time to do the bookings. The best weeks are already getting fully booked.

February 1999
   One day it's bright sunlight and sparkling snow, the next it can be sleet and strong winds. The ice cannot be trusted either, several times we have had to go a long way round at the outer archipelago to reach Harstena from the outside but the next day the ice has drifted out to sea by the storm and you can once again go directly to Harstena.

January 1999
   The ice is thick in most of the creeks but it hasn't yet conquered the open bays.

Kind regards Gunni Lindkvist


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